Did Silicon Valley Hijack the Definition of Innovation?

Have you kept in mind that when you go and review the information online, as well as go through the numerous stories from the syndicated internet sites that they typically have an innovation area, and that technology section is loaded with the most recent gizmos, social networking methods, and any one of the most recent things originating from Silicon Valley? I have, and as an enthusiast of innovation, and also organizer for a brain trust, I am disturbed by all this. Currently after that allow me explain what I suggest.

There are lots of new innovations that are very essential, technologies that if we didn’t have we wouldn’t be where we are today. Also many of the obstacles of the future will be solved with modern technology. As well as most of the major obstacles do not relate to the most recent social network. For example, if we want to resolve the contamination problem, or have much less CO2 in the ambience, after that possibly we need to function extra on clean coal technologies. By the way, it’s amazing how much every one of that innovation has can be found in the last five years, however you don’t listen to much about it a lot do you?

Right and also why is that? What regarding all the brand-new material modern technology, and also carbon nanotubes, as well as all the things that will make our autos lighter and also stronger, and our airplane much more reliable? Technologies that will permit us to drop to the bottom of the ocean, and also possibly mine unusual Earth components from the seafloor without interrupting any type of marine life that is down there? Do not you want to discover that type of innovation? Why are we being barraged with the most up to date smooth display screens, e-readers, and mobile phones? Isn’t there even more to life than that? Do not get me incorrect, they are fantastic little consumer individual tech tools, however.

It seems that the marketeers, the press launches, and a wealth of money flowing into those fields have hijacked the interpretation of innovation. People currently read the news and assume that innovation originates from Silicon Valley? Yes, I would send to you that a lot of the determined modern technology comes from IBM, Intel, and also other Silicon Valley companies – yet that does not mean that all innovation originates from Silicon Valley, or that it’s the only area where major strides are being made and damaged.