Is Your Business Technology-Strategic or Technology-Dependent?

Security in the IT arena is not a new topic, however corporate recognition of its existence (or lack thereof) goes to an all-time high. Not a day goes by without seeing a heading somewhere associating with taken data, hacked business computer systems or leaked private details. When Sony’s Playstation ® Network obtained hacked, there were quotes reported around $24 billion in losses. After that there were safety breaches at Citigroup or Lockheed Martin. They were both juggernauts of industry with set defenses and yet were victims of stolen sensitive information. It shows up no one is safe, but does obscurity or anonymity still certify as defense for your little company?

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a board space discussion with a couple of companions at a smaller sized exclusive CPA firm as well as the subject of their network security came up. Mind you, these two gents had a basic understanding of technology as a lot of entrepreneur do, however can not cover their heads around why it was so important to purchase and also set up a firewall program. A firewall! The most basic of network security gadgets and right here I was attempting to justify such a fundamental, yet mandatory, financial investment to any kind of service, a lot less a financial firm.

It was a verification of a fact that prevails despite the size of the company. That fact is easy – most local business owner have a tough time valuing or valuing modern technology unless they have experienced some kind of discomfort connecting to modern technology. That discomfort might be shed information, poor support, frustrating software application … etc. Whenever I meet possible customers, one of the inquiries I ask initially is “Are you ‘modern technology reliant’ or ‘modern technology critical’?” This establishes the tone of what instructions we advise.

Innovation Dependent – This is most common amongst small, private firms. Your service might count on your computers and also networks, yet your choices pertaining to innovation are normally reactive and also price is commonly the biggest factor on whether you proceed. The inherent trouble with technology-dependent firms is the hidden absence of efficiency and extremely high risk elements. Time and also performance are typically ignored as properties to the company. Below are some aspects common in innovation dependent companies:

a. Computers are older (4+ years old) as well as occasionally are also off-white or off-white (an indication of age).

b. Couple of essential proactive tasks are being performed, such as screening backups, patches and also risk analyses.

c. There is no advice on exactly how to leverage technology to contribute to revenues or boosted productivity.

d. The business is still paying someone to take care of things when they damage on a per hour basis.

e. There is little to no network protection.

Innovation Strategic – A business that has actually seen the true purpose of technology and has allowed itself to do more is tactical. “Even more of what?” you might ask. It can be extra productivity, more effectiveness, more income and/or more happy staff. Companies that I deal with that are “modern technology tactical” value what technology can do for them and are not resistant to alter. Here are some elements that comprise a technology tactical company:

a. Computers are kept (optimized, clean and also generally under 3 years old).

b. Network procedures and also safety is being actively monitored.

c. Safety policies are in area both in hardware and software.

d. An IT spending plan exists and also is taken care of.